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    Keri Sutherland And Chad Ferriss Class Of 2014-2015

    “We would like to thank you for everything you have done for our child. She has evolved leaps and bounds since she became a part of Headon Forest Montessori. She will miss you all very much”.

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    Lawrence Family Class Of 2014-2017

    “Thank you doesn’t seem enough for all you’ve done for our son and his journey. Because of you all, he loves to read, write, explore, teach and lead. I have no doubt that we have given him the best start possible. We know that he will think of the entire HFM family fondly”.

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    Rachel And Mike Class Of 2015-2017

    “Great staff – positive, caring and friendly. HFM teachers are very interactive and engaged with the students. My son was always excited to go to school. Great daily routines. It might have been helpful to receive some sort of daily report for the pre-schoolers: sleep time, eating, toileting. But it was always easy to ask teachers at the end of the day. You could ask any teacher, and they would all be able to tell you about your child. An excellent program over all”.

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    Kara And James- Class Of 2014-16

    “Headon Forest Montessori is a clean, well-managed and engaging environment that provides the tools/necessities required for learning. The teachers are committed to the needs of the children and are genuinely passionate about their role with the kids. We have been very happy with the curriculum, dietary program, health accommodations (our son has an allergy), summer program, learning tools, hours of operation, communication to parents and obvious concern for the children in their care. We strongly recommend Headon Forest Montessori”.

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    Becki And Jon- Class Of 2015-2016

    “Headon Forest Montessori has provided our children with unique life skills and independence that has fostered a confidence both within our daughters as well as in us as parents.  The amazing group of teachers uses a “it takes a village to raise a child” type mentality in their day to day activities that creates a sense of community and belonging that promotes respect, handwork and sharing among the children.  The staff’s handwork and dedication is seen in evening parenting seminars, specialized holiday concerts, photo communication with parents and the many day to day extra’s.     We can’t even tell you how much we have appreciated the team at HFM . They have been absolutely amazing. There are not many days that our daughters have walked in their respective classes not excited to be there, and as you know, as a parent that means a lot. Knowing that they were happy and loved took all worry away from me and my husband. We can’t thank you enough for taking care of our babies. We are so blessed to have had you all as their teachers”.

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    Sarah And Alan Campbell- Class Of 2014

    “We want to thank the staff at Headon Forest Montessori for the love and care they have shown our son. Your guidance and teaching has helped him blossom into such a smart little cookie. He’s going to miss you all”.

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    Abbey And Paul Opoku Summer 2015

    “Our overall experience with Headon Forest Montessori was exceptional. We found the staff very friendly and the curriculum outstanding. With regards to the summer program it was very educational. We feel our son is now well equipped with the skills to start full day school. Thank you for your hard work”.

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